Five Best Productivity Apps for University Students

University life is extremely busy for students. A balance in personal, academic, and social lives is needed to avoid burn out. We are lucky to live in a digital age where smartphones and tablets can serve as an all-in-one resource in accomplishing multiple tasks. Installing productivity applications can make your student life easier, and in this post, we list the best productivity tools for university students.


Evernote is considered one of the best note-taking apps available. It has tonnes of features and is compatible with almost every smartphone and computer. The app allows users to scribble down notes in its paper-like interface or just type in characters. It can also capture photographs and record voice memos stored in its Cloud service. It also allows multi-platform real-time access through all your devices.

iWork Suite

For Apple users, the iWork Suite is the best productivity tool they can use in creating essays, presentations, and spreadsheets. The app has similar features to the Microsoft Office Suite. Pages allow users to create documents where they can alter tables, insert pictures, and add hyperlinks to their text. Numbers is similar to Microsoft Excel; Keynote is the presentation creator. iWork Suite is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. As confirmed here, the application is free for new iDevices running iOS 7 including the iPhone 5c.


Pocket is an interesting application used to save articles, web pages and videos for later reading or viewing. It’s available for major smartphone platforms (iOS and Android) and PCs. Just like the Evernote app, it also syncs files across all your devices at once. It can also save articles and web pages for offline reading.

Share Your Board

Share Your Board is very easy to use – just take a picture of your lecture board during class and it will convert the photo to PDF for easier reading. You can also overlay annotations and add notes into the PDF itself. 

myHomework Student Planner

Just like the iStudiez PromyHomework serves as a student planner and can be your ultimate university companion. It gives you a calendar where you can mark your important appointments, upcoming examinations, and deadlines. There is a Homework section for your assignments and projects. You can also encode your class schedules and grades to track your progress. Being a digital organiser, it alerts you of your upcoming class schedules and deadlines.

We recommend these five productivity apps for an efficient and successful student life. Remember, these are just digital tools; real success comes from hard work and dedication.

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