How to pack like a pro and fit everything in for Uni

Struggling to fit all your stuff into your bags? When you pack to go away to study in London, it can be extremely difficult to work out how you can fit all of the belongings in your suitcase that you want to bring to uni. This is especially true if it's your first time in London, as you'll often find that you think you’ll need more than you actually need to live in London. When you move away, you naturally want to take as many home comforts with you as possible.

Get the right suitcase

Get the biggest suitcase you can comfortably carry, so you can fit as much in as possible (but remember the ‘comfortably carry’ bit – that is important). Look for extra pockets that you can fit more things in, and perhaps an expandable suitcase. Check the airline guidelines to see what the largest size you can check without paying for an oversized bag - this is also true for your carry on and will help if you go travelling later on in your stay.

Work out what you really need

You are going to have to compromise at least a little over what you take – no one can fit everything they own into one bag. Think of this as a positive thing. It can be a way to organise, start fresh, and to prioritise what is actually important. Go through your clothes and work out which items you wear regularly – it may be less than you think. When it comes to reminders of home, such as pictures and posters, it is tempting to pack as many things as you can. But, while familiar things can be comforting, you can’t take them all. Choose a couple of small, meaningful things and use the opportunity to make new memories and look forward to your time at Uni. 

Packing your suitcase

Once you have worked out what essentials you want to bring, it's time to start packing. Start with the bigger, heavier items and put them in the bottom of your suitcase. Once you have got those in, start packing your clothes. Rolling your tops and jumpers actually saves space over folding. Try to be inventive so that you use all the available space, and use clothes to keep other things in place by rolling them tightly. You can also put your socks in any shoes and wrap towels around any delicate items. If you can't fit everything in your bag after you've already narrowed down what to bring, then you may need to re-evaluate what you are bringing. Take another look at what you have packed and decided if you really need it. If you do, you may need to bring another bag, which can be expensive. If your suitcase has a front pocket, use that to put your ‘first-day’ items in so they're easily accessible. You will probably be much too busy meeting people when you first arrive to unpack everything, so keep essentials like your toothbrush and a change of clothes handy. Then you can concentrate on getting to know the local area, and have fun! 

Remember, Scape has a large selection of room add-ons which means that you won’t have to pack everything from home. Extras available for purchase include everything from bedding and towels, kitchenware and crockery, toiletries and smaller things like sewing kits and stationery. 

Remember not to stress too much, and try to think about the fun that you'll have studying in London!

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