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Short Term Lets

We have a number of flexible contract lengths available at some of our properties in London and Egham.


Halloween 2017

The spookiest day of the year is finally here. Here is our pick of the best events in London.


Alternative guide to writing a cover letter and CV

Tips for writing a cover letter and perfecting your CV.


Minds For Hire

We have partnered with WeWork to give our students a platform to find internships at the most exciting start-ups in the city.


Internships at University

These days having, a degree is no longer enough to secure a job after graduation. Having experience of the working world is now seen as an essential trait that employers are looking for when they are sifting through applications.


Applying for university

Choosing the right university is no easy task. Sandip offers his advice, on how to make the stressful decision just that bit easier.


Neighbourhood Guide: Soho, Shoreditch and Covent Garden.

From Big Ben to the urban streets of Shoreditch, London is a magical place with room to explore. Illayda, shares her neighbourhood guide, to Soho, Shoreditch and Covent Garden.


Scape On The Road

We'll be taking Scape onto the streets of London and give you the chance to win a number of prizes.


Scape x WeWork

We have partnered with co-working space leader, WeWork to offer our students a range of programmes to give them the leg up for life after uni. 


My first few months at WeWork

Amrit, the winner of The Startup Lab 2016, shares his experience of his first few months working in WeWork Old Street.


Get A Zone 1-4 Travel Card

We are offering the first 25 people to book Scape Wembley a one month, pre-paid zone 1-4 Oyster travel card.


Standing out from the crowd at university

Your university experience does not matter what subject you chose to specialise in, is about more than your final classification. It is about equipping yourself with the necessary skills and experience for the next chapter of your life.


Five reasons to go travelling

Thinking about going travelling but still unsure? Sandip gives you five reasons to go for it!


How to Have a Productive Summer

So summer is here. Here is your guide to making the most of it.


How to write a CV when you have no work experience

Tips on how to write a CV when you don't have much work experience. A two part post with lots of tips.


Staying safe in London

Find out how to keep yourself safe whilst out and about in London.


Five London Must-Haves, From Oyster Cards to Umbrellas

London can be a busy, confusing place but it is much easier to enjoy your time in London if you have the essential survival items.


Startup Lab guest speaker: Sophie from Drinki

Sophie, COO and co-founder of Drinki, shares her start-up story ahead of the Startup Lab: The Entrepreneurs event on 1st December.


Startup Lab guest speaker: FitMiBODY

Join Matt and a host of other entrepreneurs on 1st December at Scape Shoreditch for the Scape x WeWork Startup Lab: The Entrepreneurs. Find out more info here;


Scape x WeWork Startup Lab

Find out more about our partnership with WeWork and the upcoming Startup Lab: The Entrepreneurs event.


My Summer in Europe

Inspiration on how to spend your summer break.


Saving Money

As a student living on a tight budget, it’s extremely important to make every penny count.


Fresher's Survival Guide

Here is our survival guide for your first few weeks at university.


Craig: My Introduction to University

Craig shares his experiences of his first week at Scape Greenwich and Ravensbourne.


How to pack like a pro and fit everything in for Uni

How to pack efficiently and take everything you need with you to university. Choose wisely and pack well.


Stay healthy even when you’re busy

Here are our tips for living a healthy lifestyle when a student.


Smart Study Snacks

Eating healthy snacks whilst revising can help improve brain function and make studying easier.


3 Study Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Matthew Thomas from www.stressintofocus.com shares his 3 study mistakes and his tips on how to avoid them.


Things to expect after university

Once student life is over, you will need to prepare for a whole new way of living.


How to Make the Most of Your Student Years

Simon discusses how to make the most of your student years.


Solving creativity

Welcome to the world of creativity. You come up with an idea and make it happen? We all know it's not that easy!


Should I do an internship whilst studying?

Should you do an internship whilst at university? We hear from a student who says yes


Our interview with Perri Kiely and Jordan Banjo

Perri & Jordan: "We're hosting the Nickelodeon Kids Awards for the 3rd year!"


Five Best Productivity Apps for University Students

Take a look at our five favourite apps for London students and see how they could improve your studies this year.


Places to study in London

Kick back and have a productive day of studying away from Scape.


January Exams: A Guide to Revision

Don't panic over January exams, follow our revision tips


Christmas in London

Here are just a few things you can get up to in London this Christmas.


Ultimate Student Christmas Present guide

If you are struggling for some inspiration on what to get your student friends then look no further.


Peer Pressure at university

Peer pressure in higher education can be a worry. Find out ways to avoid it.


Home away from home, bracing for the change

Tips on how to prepare and adapt to life at university to make the most of your experience.


Living in Shoreditch

Dan shares the ultimate guide to Shoreditch.


The rise of student entrepreneurs

More and more students have their own business ventures, will you create a startup whilst at university?


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