Saving Money

Most people will set themselves with a limit to spend per week, depending on their financial situation. The idea of surviving off very little can be rather daunting for some, however by following simple advice, it can be easy to save money, lower your spending habits and keep your wallet happy during the process. 

Smart food shopping

Do some research into the cheapest supermarkets and local food shops in the surrounding area; it’s a good idea to take a stroll around the area to compare the best prices and deals. While many branded products are likely to be equally priced, smaller supermarket brands will vary, even if the decrease in price isn’t great it will make a significant difference when tallying up your weekly expenditure. Also remember to check the weight to price ratio on certain products and be sure to keep an eye out for special promotions or reduced offers.

Travel on your own two feet

While public transport in London is certainly useful, why catch the bus to take you down the road when you can walk? It may sound obvious but you can save a lot of money, as well as getting good exercise, by walking to university, malls, clubs etc. If your route is not straightforward, it's easy to research before leaving by using the internet or use your phone while on the move. If you do plan on going out late at night, remember to stick together in a group for safety and so you do not get lost.

Creative recycling

Nowadays, recycling is common in every household; one step further is to reuse items to save money. Cardboard boxes and packages can be reused as storage containers. If you're the type to write yourself notes, use scraps of paper or card. When going out, you can fill a clean plastic bottle with water to take with you, rather than spend extra money on a drink. You can extend this idea to non-recyclable items as well. For example, you can store clean plastic carrier bags after you've brought your shopping home in them to reuse. A common reuse for them is as a bin liner, meaning that you save money on purchasing bin liners.

Hanging out with friends

A temptation for many students is to enjoy the nightlife of London every night. While this can be great, it is also an expensive past time. Don't think that you have to drink or go to a club to have fun. Simply relaxing at your accommodation with friends can make for a good time, talking, playing games, or watching a movie. Make going out a luxury so that you will both save money and enjoy it more when you do.

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