Home away from home, bracing for the change

Moving away from home for the first time

Leaving home and heading to uni for the first time is one life’s biggest milestones. It marks the beginning of adulthood and independence. It is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful and scary. If you are soon to make the big move, or are having difficulties settling in, and are worried about how you’ll cope away from your familiar surroundings, don’t worry. Everyone finds it daunting, but students can follow these simple tips to help make it easier. 

Stay healthy

Being ill in student accommodation can be hard. There’s nobody to look after you, you don’t have access to that trusty family medicine cabinet, and you might find your friends are more interested in nights out and shopping than running to the chemist for you. Make sure you have a stash of essential medication, and that you register with a doctor so you if you need help, you’ll be able to get it quickly and easily. If you are worried you might be seriously ill, don’t worry in silence – ask a trusted friend or one of our friendly receptionists at Scape for information on local walk-in clinics and hospitals. Aside from our Student Support Team, your University will also have a Welfare Officer who can discuss your mental wellbeing.

Learn to cook

They may be cheap, but pot noodles and toast gets boring pretty quickly and will leave you missing home even faster. Try to learn to make a few tasty but simple meals before you leave home, so you can re-create them in your own kitchen. You can check with friends or read blogs to find simple, cost-effective homemade meals. Staples like chilli and rice, pasta with tomato sauce and potato curry are easy, cheap, filling and can be adapted to taste once you get more confidence cooking. As there’s a fridge in your room, you can batch cook and chill in portions, giving you a supply of homemade ready meals. 

Balance your time at home and at uni

It is tempting to call home every time you are unsure of something or are feeling a bit lonely. While there is nothing wrong with seeking family support when you need it, try to deal with problems yourself or with friends before you pick up the phone. Until you try, you won’t know what you’re capable of achieving. If you try and then find you can’t deal with something, your family will still be there to support you afterwards. By sticking around your University you're more likely to adjust to the new situation and possibly make friends facing similar troubles at the same time. 

Live within a budget

After being handed a big cash lump sum for the first time in their lives, many students spend, spend, spend away from their Financial Aid in their first few weeks and then find themselves surviving on scraps for the second half of term. Set up a budget when from the beginning, including any income and fixed costs like rent, bills (TV, phone, etc.), food, etc. Spend what’s left over on fun things like takeaways, shopping and nights out, and no more. If you start your university life struggling financially, you may find it very difficult to catch up. If you get into trouble, avoid PayDay loans and other quick cash schemes which may leave you with a lot more debt. 

Try to Have Fun and Meet New People

Above all, enjoy yourself. Get involved in clubs and societies, meet as many people as possible and enjoy discovering life on your own. If you’re busy, you won’t have time to be unhappy. Scape has a number of thriving communal areas that are full of like-minded people, as well as a vibrant social life, so you can be sure there’ll always be someone there to take your mind off things. Register your interest with us today and you’ll soon see why our residents rarely have a chance to miss home at all. Your Student Union will also have a host of events. Meeting new people will help boost your confidence and self-esteem too!

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