Fresher's Survival Guide

Starting university can be a daunting and scary prospect, nevertheless, starting university is the most exciting event time of your life and one you should cherish and make the most of. You'll make lifelong friends, have plenty of new experiences and face many new challenges. Here is our survival guide for your first few weeks at university.

New experiences and challenges

University offers a plentiful amount of new experiences and challenges. Every university holds an annual Fresher's Fair and here is where you will have the opportunity to sign up to many different students-led societies. Whether you are into sports, films, playing dungeons and dragons, you'll find the society that suits you best. But one of the best things about the fair is that you can join societies that you may not have considered before. This is the perfect time to set yourself a new challenge, and where better to start at the Fresher's Fair?

Be yourself

University offers you the opportunity to re-invent yourself... if you wish. No one knows you at university, and of course, you want to meet new people, but you should not feel the need to change who you are to do that. Be yourself and even though finding friends at first, in the long term you'll feel much better for it as you will become friends with people that allow you to be yourself and only yourself. 

Get organised

University is nothing like school. At university, independent study is an integral part of your studies, therefore having a diary or a wall calendar with all of your coursework deadlines. You may not see the need for this at the moment, but this could essentially be the difference between getting a 1st, a 2:1 or a 2:2. From past experiences, I have friends who currently study at Queen Marys and despite smashing their exams, they failed to meet their coursework deadlines in their first and second years and are now struggling to leave QM with a 2:2. I cannot stress the importance of being organised - it is probably the most important piece of advice in this guide. 


Living at Scape is an amazing prospect, whether you're living in Scape East, Greenwich or Shoreditch, just remember you a living in one of the best and most thriving cities in the world. London is the most exciting cities to study in the whole of Europe - you're at the perfect time to take full advantage of it. With events at Scape and at your university, don't be afraid of leaving the safety of Scape or your university and get out and see the rest of this amazing city. This is the perfect time to meet up with a bunch of friends, grab your oyster card and just see where the day and night take you. In my view, there is nothing better than finding a good local traditional London pub with your friends. 

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The start of your university life is the most exciting chapter of your life to date. You're young, you're living in London and you've got three incredible years ahead of you. Whatever you get up to in these first weeks, just remember to have fun, get to know your neighbours and importantly... stay safe!

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