Ultimate Student Christmas Present guide

Okay so it is December and whilst you make your way through your advent calendars (you're never too old) you are slowly running out of days to complete your Christmas shopping. If you are struggling for some inspiration on what to get your student friends then look no further, because, by the end of this article, you'll have plenty of gift ideas! 


 This seems to be overlooked a fair bit when it comes to Christmas presents, but don't be fooled by the simplicity of buying food as a gift. People love presents they can eat! The best part of it is that they'll usually offer some of the food to you too (so be sure to buy something that you both like just in case...). If you're feeling a bit more creative, or happen to be amazing at baking, then why not create something more personalised, like Christmas cookies? If you're like me (terrible when it comes to cooking in general) then you may want to stick to buying a Terry's Chocolate Orange. 


While they are a dying breed, physical books still exist, and there are plenty of students still reading them, it maybe against their will but they are still reading them! I can't imagine anyone will be disappointed with receiving the Game of Thrones book set... (hint hint!!)... Though if you're buying for someone in ownership of a kindle or other form of e-reader, then perhaps you can purchase the electronic version of the book you wanted to buy them! 


Think back to the social events that you've attended with your uni mates and try to think about the one thing that everyone does... alcohol! Students are always shown to be spending their loans on alcohol and being poor for the rest of the term. But if you buy them a bottle of their favourite alcohol for Christmas, you'll save them some cash in the New Year. Like with the food suggestion, maybe get something you both like. If your friends happen to be a beer connoisseur or your friends like to think they are, then be sure to find a beer he/she hasn't tried! Surprise them, but ask the advice of an expert before picking something entirely random, else it might not end well. 


I don't own any items of crockery and thanks to 'accidents' in the kitchen, many of my glasses, plates, mugs etc and have broken (blame my housemates!) But I'm sure that many students can also understand the need for more items of homeware! If you want to play it safe, then buy a mug or even a beer mug! You can never have too many beer mugs!


As a student, I know how annoying it is to lose socks to the washing machine every time I attempt to wash my clothes and as a result, I have far fewer socks that I started my degree with. People often say that socks are a bad present idea, but I disagree completely! If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, you could purchase something Christmas themed, for example, a reindeer jumper... you know you want to! 

Gift Packs

This is a bit of a broad category, but hear me out... Around Christmas time, many companies release gift packs of their product. This can include deodorant/shower gel packs, chocolate hampers and even a beer mug! You can never have too many beer mugs...

Gift Voucher

Maybe you want to buy clothes for you friend, but you don't know their size and you don't want to guess their size and get it wrong, leading to them hating you (believe me it happens!) So play it safe and get a gift card! Put some money on it and throw it in their Christmas card. It'll save the embarrassment of getting them the wrong sized clothes. If you want to get a gift voucher for something other than clothes, then check other stores out, including electronics stores, cinemas and even supermarkets (think practical!) 

Alright, so this should at least give you an idea of what you could get, written by a student! I hope my friends read this article and get me something cool...haha!! Anyway let us know your gift ideas and have a great Christmas!! 


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