Startup Lab guest speaker: FitMiBODY

Meet Matt

The idea of FitMiBODY came from a passion of mine which is working out. I wanted to 'make things more accessible' and create a simple and structured solution for people. Coming from a personal training background, I wanted to provide personal training to everyone in a format which everyone enjoys and could afford. This is where small group personal training comes from. 

After branching out of Virgin Active Moorgate, I started FitMiBODY being a freelance trainer. I then created a community project called 'Pay What You Like' fitness classes where people within the East London community could come to our fitness classes and pay whatever they could afford. Within six months of launching, we were running over six outdoor fitness classes and grew a community of over 1,800 people. 

In August 2015, I successfully crowdfunding FitMiBODY and raised over £75,000 in 21 days, which is how I managed to build the studio we have now in Old Street. As of November 1st this year, I head up a team of over 18. 

In our Old Street studio, we now run over 50 small group personal training sessions a week providing a more affordable way for people to get accessed to simple, structured and sustainable solutions created by FitMiBODY. 

How did you develop your idea?

Initially, I wanted to be a personal trainer travelling the world and running my business from my laptop. After I saw the market of specialising in small group personal training and a community from our pay what you like outdoor community project, I developed a business plan with my financial planner to ensure there was a sustainable growth in the business over the next few years. To get funding, I pitched for investment and got turned down a few times before resorting to crowdfunding, which turned out to be a huge success for us. 

What advice would you give someone that is looking to start their own business?

Think of 'why' you are starting your business. Know 'why' you are starting your business. Your reasons behind it do not have to be business related. It could be because you want to yacht in the sun in Monaco. But you need this vision in order to get through those 18-22 hour working days, those 5 am rises after going to bed a few hours before and being ruthless enough to get over any challenge and hurdle that is thrown your way.

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